Birdie's Pimento Cheese - Wholesale Starter Pack (6 of each flavor)

6 tubs of Classic 6 tubs of Jalapeno 6 tubs of Garlic Parmesan 6 tubs of Smoked Gouda + Roasted Red Pepper Birdie’s is a cold hold product and must be held below 41°F. A sell-by date is noted on the bottom of each container; our shelf life is six weeks. Ketogenic, gluten-free, low carb. Gourmet, grab and go snack with high-quality ingredients. Perfect for cheese shops, tasting rooms, bottle shops, grocery stores, markets, wineries, breweries, and more. Made in Southern Virginia, Birdie's Pimento Cheese can be served as a spread on crackers or celery, scooped onto corn chips or tortilla chips, mixed in with mashed yolks for deviled eggs, added to grits, or slathered over hamburgers or hotdogs.

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