Campfire Chai

Adventurous Smoky Chai Blend

Campfire Chai is a smooth, exotic blend of dark tea leaves with organic chai spices. Close your eyes, and picture yourself outdoors, underneath the open sky. You're sitting in front of a crackling campfire, inhaling the heady aromas of sweet cinnamon, pungent ginger, and fragrant cardamom. You take a sip, and let the rich flavors roll across your palate. You're feeling energized and alert, grounded, and at peace with yourself, ready for adventure.

This is Campfire Chai.

100% certified organic ingredients: Puehr, Russian Caravan, Cinnamon, Fennel Seed, Cardamom, Coriander, Ginger, Orange peel, Clove, White Peppercorns

Canister makes approx. 20 cups
Packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable
Canister color may vary